2018 C GLC CarPlay AndroidAuto Activation HU5ES2 NTG5.2 via OBD2
2018 C GLC CarPlay AndroidAuto Activation HU5ES2 NTG5.2 via OBD2
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2018 C W205 and GLC W253 NTG5.2 Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto activation via OBD2 - Plug & Play.

Please note: when you make order online, please leave message to tell us  your car VIN number

Thousands sold to prove our OBD2 CarPlay AndroidAuto is the best from market.

Ignition ON, OBD2 Plug and Play, 1st time plug activate, 2nd time plug deactivate, 3rd time plug activate again...

DO NOT work at COMAND HU5 (SA531 datacard code) HU5S1 please refer to here to work via OBD2.

C-Class W205 production 09.2017+ (SA154 datacard code)

GLC-Class X253 production 09.2017+ (SA154 datacard code)

FAQ as below, in case you’re not sure or no ideas what is SA154, please send us your VIN(Vehicle Identification No.) for clarify.

Q: My car is not in the list - maybe it will work?

A: Definately NOT. 100% sure will NOT work.

Q: My car MY2016 and in the list will it work?

A: Definately not. 100% sure will NOT work.

Q: My car does not have datacard code SA154 will it work?

A: No - your Audio20 HW is not compatible

Q: I would like to order just to try on my own risk. Can I return if does not work?

A: No - better send a vin number and we will let you know



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